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Finding your organization’s voice and making your message stick is vital for success. Maximize your time and resources by entrusting TEA Social Communications with all your Grant, Content and Communications needs. Whether you need a winning grant proposal, help finding new funding opportunities, content that is engaging, impactful and educational, or communications strategy guidance, TEA Social can help. Learn more about TEA Social Communication's Services below.

Grant Writing & Research

Grant writing is an art not a science. I tailor my approach for every client and grant. Weaving together data and persuasive narrative, I can help you prepare a winning proposal. Need help identifying grants and new funding opportunities? Learn more about TEA Social's Grant Writing & Research Services.

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Content Writing & Design

Creating content that engages, educates, motivates and resonates with your audience can be tricky. TEA Social will work with you to create written or visual content that shares your organization’s story and drives support. Whether you need a website designed, branding, infographics, reports, research papers, blog or social media posts, TEA Social Content Writing & Design can work for you.


Communications Services

Communications planning and strategizing is essential for every organization. I can help you develop a plan or work within your organization’s existing directive. From writing and copyediting, to managing distribution and analyzing engagement, TEA Social can help with all your Communications & Marketing needs. Learn more below about TEA Social’s Communications Services .

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