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Communications Services

"The truth about stories, is that's all we are" - Thomas King

I take pride in sharing the stories of my clients, their work and impact; staying true to their voice and vision, while delivering their message. Learn more about TEA Social's Communications Services below.

Communications Planning

A well-developed Communications Plan can help your organization more effectively use its resources and target its audience. TEA Social Communications will work with you to plan and design your messaging, identify your audience and the best methods of engagement. Learn more about what Communications Planning can do for you today.

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Websites & Branding

Need help designing a website or branding materials? How about improving user experience (UX) of your existing site? With experience designing user-friendly websites and apps, and eye-catching branding materials, TEA Social will help make your dreams come to life.

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Press Releases & Articles

Have an organizational announcement you'd like to make, but can't find the right words? Need help writing a newsworthy article that will get your organization noticed? TEA Social Communications has the experience to deliver. I will work with you and prospective media outlets to devise the perfect piece.

Coffee and Magazines

Newsletters & Interviews

Newsletters and interview articles are an effective way to engage with funders and supporters. Highlighting your successes, while communicating ongoing needs, can greatly increase your organization's reach and funding opportunities. Finding the time to write a persuasive piece that is on message and on brand can be difficult. TEA Social Communications has the experience to deliver exactly what you're looking for.

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Communications Services: Work
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